Businesses have this stigma of being greedy or corrupt in their exploits and conquest of wealth. Not all but the majority are viewed under the lens of skepticism. They are thought to be only generous when it to trying to get the masses to buy into something. There is one company that not only has given back to the community but has actively sought to make the world a better place. This company has done this under the direction of a noble man, Sheldon Levin.

Sheldon Levin is the chief executive Officer at OSI Group LLC. He also holds the position of chairman in the same company. His very vast knowledge of the business world and food processing industry has lead to marvelous results for OSI group. In 1970 Sheldon was developing his industry knowledge and started doing financing work for Otto & Sons which in time turned into OSI. Levin’s influence has caused the company to go from domestic to international and has over 60 plants in over 60 countries. Sheldon in fact, to this day is over the sections in Europe and Asia. OSI is now a billion-dollar global food processing juggernaut of a company. Mr. Lavin went to the University of Illinois and Northwestern University studying accounting and finance and later got his Bachelor of Science degree from Roosevelt University in Chicago. These experiences truly gave him the tools to make OSI into what it is today. He influenced he company to take a clean environmental stance. The company not only does good business, but they supply a hefty amount of jobs all over the world for which Sheldon Levin was given the Global Visionary Award. OSI produces a variety of products like vegetables, poultry, fish, meat products, and specialized dough products.

Sheldon Levin stresses the importance of healthy growth and good diversity. He tries his best to give the company a family like culture because he believes it is imperative to succeed. He also wants to influence the younger generations to do their business the correct way with a clean environmental awareness. He wants them to follow his example of doing business while helping the world by giving jobs and expanding the economy. Levin is involved in a multitude of charities like the Ronald McDonald house. This man exemplifies what its all about. Investing and giving back when one is in an advantageous and pivotal position.

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