The problems with the Euro have resulted for big paydays for people who put money on the debt markets. This has caused huge payout of dividends on one of the year’s largest windfalls. Among the people that have benefited from the windfalls were Yan Huo of Capula Investment Management and Sanjay Shah of Solo Capital. Sanjay Shah has earned 19 million in Euro for the year from March 31 2011. This has been given out when people are worried about losing their jobs. Sanjay Shah and a few other investors are fortunate to reap the rewards that they have gained.

Sanjay Shah is able to benefit greatly from his efforts. For one thing, he has more capital to put towards the research for autism. He has always been a philanthropist that was involved in helping children that were at a disadvantage. He has sponsored children. However, his efforts at charity were always general. He didn’t really have a focus when it came to charitable efforts. It was when his son was diagnosed with the developmental condition of autism that he started focusing his efforts towards autism research. Among the things that he has done was fund autism research so that a better treatment for autism could be eventually found.

Among the things he has done besides run Solo Capital is run Autism Rocks, which is a non-profit charity based towards coming up with better treatment options for autism. His child is undergoing the best treatment which is behavioral therapy. This helps the autistic develop into the world as a functional person. Meanwhile, Sanjay Shah has been running concerts for autism research. Among the artists that have performed there are Snoop Dogg, Flo-rida, and plenty of other artists. Sanjay Shah not only has a great sense of business, but he is also very helpful when it comes to philanthropic activities.