CCMP Capital works in four industries in North America and Europe as a global private equity firm. They specialize in both buyout as well as growth equity investments. CCMP Capital uses their exceptional experience in the industry along with their exceptional management teams to drive the growth of companies and their operational efficiencies.

CCMP Capital began as an independent firm in 2006. CCMP employs full-time partners with decades of experience. Their executive advisors are also seasoned in the business, contributing to the success of the company. CCMP positions its clients to a place of growth and enhancement by creating opportunities for them to attain more capital in a shorter period of time span than otherwise possible.

The investment and operating professionals at CCMP work closely with the management teams of their clients throughout each phase of the investment process. A shared future vision of a business is initially created by defining its critical value drivers. Through frequent interaction with their clients, CCMP is able to actively monitor the progress of their plans. This gives clients a true sense of partnership and makes them see they are working as a team. Teamwork and integrity are critical to the success of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, as well as diversity.

Because companies and situations are each very diverse, CCMP’s proprietary network of resources is always available to portfolio company managers for support to assist in executing their strategic plans as needed.

Stephen Murray was the president and CEO of CCMP Capital before passing away in 2015. He had worked in the industry for 16 years with both CCMP and previous firms. Murray became CEO of CCMP Capital in 2008 according to Linked IN, succeeding the co-founder of the company, Jeff Walker. Murray served on several boards including Crestcom International, Jetro JMDH Holdings, Octagon Credit Investors, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. Stephen Murray was a fantastic investor. He was a professional at closing deals and spent most of his career in the private equity sector. He made many contributions to the successes of CCMP Capital, as well as the companies he worked for previous to CCMP.