Richard “Dick” DeVos II has led quite a life so far. Dick worked at Amway, the same company his father cofounded, from the early 1970s to 2002. Many of his¬†early years¬†were spent helping his father during Amway functions – particularly the annual party. In 1991, DeVos became the president of the Orlando Magic basketball franchise. After two years there, he left and returned to Amway.

Now, as a grown man, DeVos takes after his father in many ways. One of these ways is in how he spends a majority of the wealth he gives away. When it comes to giving political donations, Dick DeVos’ taste is far to the right. One area he tends to spend a lot in when it comes to giving charitable donations is schools and education.

Dick DeVos is a large supporter of the choice of where to send a child to school. Furthermore, he supports nontraditional education choices: homeschooling, parochial schools, and charter schools. He is known for giving large grants and donations to various incarnations of scholarship funds and churches.

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Some of the foundations that receive large grants from him and his wife – Betsy DeVos – include the Student Advancement Foundation, All Children Matter, and the Traditional Values Coalition. The biggest grants go to churches or church funded schools, otherwise known as parochial schools. The Potter’s House charity is a good example of a parochial school; the DeVos’¬†foundation runs an elementary and a high school in Michigan.

No matter how he spends his money, one thing is for sure: Dick DeVos certainly takes after his father. There are no large discrepancies between the kind of charity his father gives to and the kind he will give to. Even his wife is on board with many of the donations. What a family cause.