Surf Air started out of LAX airport five years ago. The charter flight company aimed to give the rich and famous the ability to get the most out of their weekends. The company started by flying to California-based destinations such as Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. But the company has come a really long way in just five years.

Surf Air has just announced 20 new European destinations for its members. This means its members can organize a private charter flight to cities like Luxembourg, Milan, Nice, Munich and Geneva. That’s right, Surf Air is the country’s only private air travel club. Members are allowed to charter unlimited monthly flights in exchange for a membership fee.

This membership fee comes with all sorts of perks. Members are allowed access to LAX’s private terminal. This means members can avoid the hassle of large crowds, long lines at security and long waits at customs. This terminal gives members their own TSA security force as well as its own customs office. Members are literally driven out onto the tarmac right to their plane’s door while employees handle all luggage.

The company has also announced a new partnership with Blade Air. This airline is as nearly as unique as Surf Air and is based out of New York City. It uses a fleet of helicopters and seaplanes to take its members from New York City to lavish destinations like Newport, East Hampton and Nantucket. Surf Air members are also allowed access to seven different Blade Air luxury lounges in airports on the East Coast.

Surf Air has also announced free membership upgrades across the board to pre-existing customers in order to celebrate its five-year anniversary. This move celebrates membership loyalty and comes with an array of announcements for new partnerships.

Surf Air has partnered with All Roads North to give members luxury road trip experiences. All Road North has a network of local experts and partnerships with hotels, lodges and branches across the United States.

The charter airline has also announced a new partnership with Founders Card which gives members incredible networking opportunities with more than 25,000 high-powered professionals.

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