There are many powerful women in the world. Martha Stewart, Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin come to mind. However, sometimes it is those who are outside of the realm of the public eye that has the greatest impact. Susan McGalla is one that stands out on PRNEWSWIRE.COM as a forerunner in what once was a male dominated workforce.

She is a 41-year-old lady who found herself as a teenage clerk at American Eagle back in 1994. At that time in history, the field was dominated by male board members and didn’t have any women in leadership. Though time and perseverance, Susan McGalla studied and found herself with a lucrative position as the first woman on the board of directors for AE.

She worked her way up to the chief merchandising officer and eventually president over the company. The store focused on men’s wear at this time and the chains roots were one sided. McGalla didn’t care what the pasts of AE were; she was only concerned with the future. She wanted to expand the market and make sure that the store catered to both men and women. Since she had previous experience in Joseph Horne Co. department stores, she was able to bring a fresh perspective to the table.

What she brought to the table was hard work and determination. She had something to prove so she made sure she was never late for work and always was the first to arrive at any meeting. She has been in charge of design and merchandising since May of 2005. She wanted to market jeans to teenagers and her first bold move was to wear jeans to the celebration party when the company moved their branch to the south side. Even the Governor, Ed Rendell, was shocked when he seems such a young and motivated president.

McGalla is from East Liverpool, Ohio. She grew up in a family where he two older brothers were rough and tough and she never knew that she wasn’t as strong as them. Her father coached football. He made sure there was no difference between her and her siblings. Her father taught her she was a human being, not male or female. She was instructed early on that she could do anything she set her mind too, and she certainly proved to them all that she could.

She has confidence and never plays the card that she’s a woman. She’s passionate about sports and shopping all at the same time. She’s a great conversationalist and can converse with anyone just about any subject. What a talent for such a young and upcoming women of the world. McGalla loves mentoring other women to climb the ladder with pride, not because they are women but because they can. She is a beacon for those who have longed to achieve greatness but lack to find the way to get where they want to go. As a corporate executive, she never let them see her as anything other than professional.

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  1. I think with time the issue of women going higher up the corporate ladder will become over fancied that equality in wages is more important. Women can do it, proves it without any doubt that there are countless cases where there are women proving themselves but it is more of a social stratification that makes the difference.

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