Students get really confused when reality dawns to them that they are finishing college and they haven’t figured out what they want to do with their lives.

This is exactly what Nathaniel Ru and his friends were feeling when they were about to graduate from Georgetown University. By the time they decided to establish Sweetgreen, they knew nothing about the food industry.

The only thing that they can say they had in common is that they were children of immigrants who had successfully managed to establish companies in the United States. According to Nathaniel Ru, the three gentlemen decided to establish Sweetgreen when they could not find a place to dine on healthy food.

The small business they decided to establish is now a booming business that everyone is talking about. It has opened many branches in the United States. These restaurants can be found in big cities like New York, Washington, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles.

When venturing out, these gentlemen faced tons of problems including having to deal with a landlord who refused to listen to their idea. Apparently, the landlord of the place they wanted to rent was the landlord of the building they were living in.

This lady refused to accept their calls. On their part, they remained relentless and continued calling the landlord for a month until she decided to listen to their idea.

Initially, they had a scanty business plan that detailed what they wanted to achieve. She convinced them to look for an architect and people who would fund their idea. They only took three weeks to design a good business plan, find an architect and find business people to fund the idea.

Nathaniel Ru who is the chief executive officer of the company says that they have maintained their core values of changing and serving the community around them. He says that the company doesn’t want to turn into a corporate giant and this might be the reason why they don’t have corporate headquarters.

Nathaniel Ru says that the company functions under a win win motto. This is a motto that aims at benefiting everyone associated with the company including employees and the clients.

They also have a motto of keeping it real. This is where the company requires the employees to remain authentic. Sweetgreen obtains its product locally. This has two implications meaning that they can win the confidence of their clients while at the same time supporting the local economy.

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