If you are looking for homes in the Central Ohio area and you are looking for a more rural setting away from the city life, Tammy Mazzocco is the person to see. Tammy has been a residential specialist with RE/MAX for nearly twenty years and knows the real estate market there in detail.

When she began her real estate career, she worked as a secretary for a nine-person commercial real estate company and continued in that capacity for several other companies for about a ten year period. In 1999 she decided that selling real estate was more profitable than administering the transactions, so she joined RE/MAX and had become one of their top agents. More details can be found on her Spokeo profile.

Tammy focuses entirely on the prospective buyer because she knows that many people are under lots of stress when they are in the process of purchasing a new home. They are making one of the largest financial commitments of their lives, and they are operating in unfamiliar territory. Tammy likes to treat them just like she would want to be treated, so they can relax a little and take things more slowly.

Tammy likes to get to the office early in the morning and get the paperwork and email out of the way so she can get out and start showing houses to prospective buyers. She spends most of her time with clients because they have to see the homes to buy them. Also when she spends time with people, they get to know one another, and good conversations tend to ensue.

Tammy likes to set goals and then break them down into smaller packages or action steps. It is much easier to get a goal done by doing each action step at a time. Many people try and get the whole goal done, and then quit because it’s too big.

Tammy Mazzocco has all the information on all the homes in the four-county area in and around Pickering, Ohio. She knows all about the good and the bad. Be sure and give her a call.

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