Jason Hope is taking to the internet to express his stance on the internet of things and it is in favor of the internet. He has even went as far as praising it has one of the greatest waves of advancement in the tech industry. If one does not know what the “Internet of Things’, it is simply the connection of technology that allows different devices to sync up and this can range from personal devices to home appliances. Giving a person an ability to use the same network to connect to any device. Hope sees this as a huge advancement for the tech industry and thinks it as the potential to continuously change the world. Hope also sees, the Internet of Things, as a big investment for the world’s largest companies. He believes that all companies are going to have to keep up with the pace of growing technology because he believes will cause a problem with communication. Hope explains that smart technology also helps consumers and will be the only way for tech industry to grow. He continues to explain how important smart technology can be by improving everyday life. He provided an example of how smart technology can help with public transportation and provides a safer way for people to travel. He predicts that it will great competition for companies and will lead to many get advances in the tech industry.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist and investor who has a special interest in technology. He is a graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelors in Finance and a MBA. He was raised in Tempe, Arizona and loves to give back to his community. He also has an interest in politics, nationally and in his state of Arizona. Philanthropy has become a big thing for him and his company. He donates to foundations like SENS, which are focusing on anti-aging products and curs for diseases. Hope likes to support scientific research and helps to reach for innovation break throughs. He is really fond of the SENS foundation because he sees their work as trying to provide a better quality of life.

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