Bitcoin is a unique form of digital currency whose transactions call for an encryption system. Bitcoin transactions assume a considerable risk of theft if it is used through the internet, instead it is best used in an offline hardware environment. Bitcoins are being used in certain transactions in the United States and globally, but its transactions are not openly identified. World currency markets acknowledge its trading value and are following its transitions. One such financial expert is Ted Bauman who is with the Banyan Hill Publishing firm. Ted is the editor of Banyan Hill’s newsletter style publications that are viewed around the world.

These publications address issues involving investment strategies, varying asset platforms, and much more. Mr. Bauman is known by his peers and financial investors around the world as an accomplished fund manager, consultant, investor, and experienced global cryptocurrency expert. Ted Bauman has followed the ups and downs of the bitcoin and bitcoin cash market. In the Banyan newsletter publication, he said that he is still somewhat skeptical in wholly investing in the bitcoin digital currency. One of the areas of concern for Ted concerns the bitcoin’s slowness in processing transactions versus using a credit card. The use of bitcoin seems to be here to stay because of its ability to move securely, privately, and without any government involvement.

Ted Bauman, not surprisingly, has formulated a possible solution for the many Banyan Hill investors who read his articles. Bauman suggests that the size of multiple bitcoin transactions or data should be slightly reduced or with the help of modern technology, speed up the size of data used by multiple bitcoin transactions. Interestingly, after a Ted Bauman article on bitcoin, a new cryptocurrency was released called Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash is designed to increase the transaction process using technology that can handle a greater block of data. Ted writes free daily financial newsletters and many different investment international journals. He has also co-authored a book with his father Robert Bauman, called ‘Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally).’ Read more at for more info.

Ted Bauman grew up in the Washington, D.C., and Maryland area. He attended the University of Cape Town in South Africa where he received a degree in history and economics. Ted is a brilliant investor whose clients include international governments, international banking systems, and varied agencies. Mr. Bauman has worked in many executive positions, choosing careers where he could best help people in all walks of life, especially in helping them achieve financial progress.

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