Assisted living facilities are a way to provide the attention and care that elderly family members need without placing them in a nursing home. These facilities can offer all of the comforts of home, private living quarters and even many amenities that one may not even have access to if they stay at home.

The Manse on the Marsh is one such facility. They have all of the comforts of home, the medical attention and care of a nursing home, and many amenities that some would otherwise never have access to.A definite perk to this particular assisted living facility is that beloved pets can stay with their owners.

The Manse offers an in depth screening process when one makes the decision to stay there. This screening will determine the specific medical needs that the individual has and then tailor their stay to meet those needs. This screening will assess the level of attention and medical care each person needs.

Senior Housing Net says the screening process also aids the facility in generating activities and even light physical fitness programs that will benefit the person in staying mobile and maintaining their freedom. This will aid in making the stay as enjoyable as possible.

On the campus the individual will find such things as an outdoor bistro and sitting area, a cinema, activity rooms, as well as many options for dining. Their full dining room is equipped to t a wide range of nutritional needs, and is delicious.

The Manse on the Marsh is also located in a beautiful area that has many different things to do. Window shopping is always fun, and there are any shops to do that in. Museums, theaters, as well as outdoor areas offer a great way to get out and active without needing a ton of exertion.

The resident can also expect a number of day trips when staying at the Manse. Trips to take in area landscapes, visitng zoos and museums and also taking in a show are all a part of how the Manse works hard to keep residents happy and active.

Medical attention is also something that family will not have to worry about either. One can expect a twenty four hour a day nurse on site, as well as many visiting doctors and specialists. If emergencies do occur, there is a response time of under one minute (on average) so one can be assured that their loved ones are in good hands at all times.

The campus also offers a number of different living arrangements. Whether on seeks a private cottage or town home, an apartment or even shared living quarters, one is sure to find the right situation for both budget and needs. The Manse is high quality living at affordable prices.  The Manse on Marsh has won many awards, and they are definitely becoming one of the foremost authorities on healthcare.