Whitney Wolfe is creating a very powerful dating network platform that also brings networking and friendship building into the picture. Right away most people are realizing that this is going to be the thing that sets her company, Bumble, apart from the immediate competition that is known as Tinder.

As lawsuits go back and forth between Tinder and Bumble it has become obvious that there is a lot of animosity in this rivalry. Tinder founders created a lawsuit against Whitney Wolfe. This savvy businesswoman has struck back with a Bumble lawsuit against Tinder. This has been going back and forth as people try to settle in and adapt to the whole way that the app world is evolving. Fewer people may have realized that it was going to get this hectic, but there has been a true rivalry between Tinder and Bumble that does not seem to be going away anytime soon.

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A large part of the reason for this is that there is a desire to get to the top spot. More people are checking out what Bumble has to offer, and now the developers at Tinder are feeling the crunch. They know that this is an app that can easily overtake the fanbase that signed up for Tinder.

The thing that Whitney Wolfe has to her advantage is a professional crowd. Tinder has been around for a long time, but Whitney Wolfe created an app that was more sensible for women that were in professional positions. While some college kids may still take to Tinder it is the app that has received a bad name of being a hook-up app. This is so much a factor that many people that sign up for Tinder accounts will explicitly state that they are not here for a hookup.

Whitney Wolfe, however, is a woman that just got married. It shows that she believes in relationships and love. It also is a defining moment for an app developer that is promoting an app for singles. People can believe in what she is selling because she has transitioned from a single woman to a married woman. She is also someone that is very business-oriented. Her husband is a business tycoon by the name of Michael Herd, and this is even more proof that she is someone that knows how important it is for like-minded business professionals to connect and build relationships based on commonalities.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe: https://pagesix.com/2018/04/16/bumble-founder-feared-shed-be-blacklisted-after-tinder-lawsuit/


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