To most of us we wear make up to cover up something we feel is not perfect. We conceal black and white heads on our faces because we are not proud of them there. This is a misconception that we have had for so many years. However not until recently, did we come to realize that make up is an expression and not something we use to conceal our imperfections. We should wear make to express our thoughts mood and also to brighten our days. This new ideology was introduced by the beautiful and ever vibrant Queen of Unicorn, Doe Deere.



Being born in Russia and having to mature up rather quickly, Doe knew she wanted independence and that came with introducing something to the world. Having always had an eye for colourful things, she decided to start a revolutionary company Lime Crime Makeup. The company was started in 2008 and is now one of the most sought after makeup companies with millions of clients from all around the world. With social media being their strong hold, Doe interacts with her clients through Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.



Doe believes that that way a leader guides her employees is highly reflected on the end performance. She encourages communication and being actively involved with her employees. This way, they are able to come up with more creative ideas. Additionally, Doe encourages her employees and reinforces them positively, a strategy she has realized goes well with employees’ attitude and motivation to commit to the organization.



Before starting Lime Crime Makeup Doe was a musician in a band she had formed with her husband. Her music career was not as successful but Doe believes that the challenges she faced during this time helped shape her thoughts and attitude in business. As a musician she had to book events for her band, sometimes people showed up while other times they failed. Which taught her a great deal on appreciating when clients show interest in her products.



Together with her company Lime crime Makeup and her husband, Doe Deere works hard to inspire her clients through her line of products. She has faced challenges in her career trying to establish her brands and knows how hard it is. She uses her platforms to encourage young female entrepreneurs as they venture in whatever business and mentors them. Through this she hopes that she may be a part of a huge thing and change lives and perspectives of people out there.

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