Kevin Seawright is a project management professional based in Baltimore and he has over the past years spent most of his career managing government entities. Among the government properties, he has managed include institutions, and real estate sectors across the broader parts of the United States like New Jersey, Maryland, among others. He has served in a number of other firms including serving as the managing director for Baltimore’s Department of Housing, a Chief financial officer at the department of recreational and Parks, which is also located in Baltimore. Throughout his career. He has strived to acquire the best and learn new ideas through which he has successfully established a vast number of his own privately owned firms. See more of Kevin Seawright at Crunchbase

Kevin also has an admirable educational background and he started his higher education at the University of University of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of business, where he acquired his degree in executive leadership. He later undertook his MBA from the University of Almenda, where he completed his course. The vast knowledge he acquired from the university, he has successfully managed a vast number of firms he hence leading to their success and tremendous growth.

After operating in the government for a vast number of years, Kevin Seawright later established his own venture the RPS Solutions LLC, which is majorly based on the real estate sector investment. Through his firm, he has successfully improved the home ownership sector in Baltimore and through his real; estate establishments, he has successfully improved the living standards of many people in the area through providing affordable housing to them.

In his RPS Firm, Kevin Seawright has a great mission towards helping the people of Baltimore establish and own their own real estate ventures as well as create a very stable socio-economic environment for every individual in the society. He has successfully helped people acquire better living standards hence improved the economic status of the country in general. Kevin`s passion to help people has seen him acquire a lot of fame in the broader parts of Baltimore and his successes have been associated with the vast number of leadership skills that he has acquired over the past years. Read more:


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