Healthcare companies provide a variety of services within the healthcare industry. The services include treatment to patients with palliative, rehabilitative, preventative and curative care, as well as the equipment to perform and maintain such care. The healthcare industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world and the industry can make up a significant portion of the economy in any given country. This is due to the population living longer and requiring more medical attention and new and improved methods of patient care. A healthcare company is an institution such as a hospital or clinic, or person, such as a doctor or nurse, allied health professional or community healthcare worker that provides healthcare services in a systematic manner to communities, families or individuals. Healthcare companies are supported by professions that do not directly provide healthcare itself, but are part of the support and management of the healthcare system. Income for managers, administrators, underwriters and medical malpractice attorney’s as well as marketers, investors and shareholders for profit services are all part of the healthcare cost equation. The deliverable for healthcare companies is rendering primary, secondary and tertiary levels of care and it the most identifiable product for those that use the healthcare system. The product can be delivered to a number of destinations including the home, community, workplace or healthcare facilities. The most common method for delivering healthcare services is in person. Another method which is becoming is taking advantage of modern technology where provider and patient communicate over the telephone, Internet or video conferencing, email or text messages. Improving coverage, quality of care and access to healthcare for an individual company depends on the way the service is organized and manages. As is customary in the United States healthcare coverage is usually paid for through a patient’s health care insurance plan or by the patient directly. Other methods of paying for healthcare services are through volunteer or charitable entities or government financed systems. The biggest challenge for healthcare companies has been adapting to the Affordable Care Act regulations. Some companies have sought to expand their field of expertise by merging and partnering with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. These mergers and partnerships were intended to allow healthcare companies take advantage of the ever expanding field of healthcare and provide one stop shopping for most of their clientele. Healthcare companies provide a variety of employment opportunities for medical and non-medical professionals. Healthcare is one of the few industries that are continually expanding every year. One such healthcare facility and management and marketing firm is Nobilis Health (NH). NH owns, operates and maintains surgical centers and hospitals in the United States. The company has a strong track record when it comes to surgical care. Under the management umbrella is to assist healthcare companies with capital programs that are flexible in order for such companies to expand. Nobilis uses direct to patient marketing that focuses on a specialized set of procedures performed at medical centers by local physicians. NH also owns and operates acute and ambulatory care facilities for the purpose of delivering healthcare services.