Securus Technologies is providing Corrections Solutions that can modernize the entire incarceration experience. This is because inmates need to be connected with the world even when they are inside the Facility. This will help them to adjust better once they are out of the Facility. Besides, their family and friends also feel much better once they are able to stay connected with their loved one who is behind bars.

This becomes possible only through high-quality information management that is provided by Securus Technologies. There are a number of options being provided here.

I am well aware of their prepaid calling account system. This is owned by the friend or family of the inmate. Once this kind of an account is activated, it is possible to call the inmate. The charges will be deducted automatically from this prepaid account. Hence I realized that this kind of prepaid account is putting the family in control of their spending. Besides, they can receive a call from the correctional facilities whenever the inmate wants.

I have seen the attractive options being offered by such an account. There is a maximum funding amount here. This is for up to $50.00 for each transaction. It becomes possible to receive calls from the inmate as long as there are funds available in this account.

Another interesting thing here that I found is that multiple phone numbers can be added to this account. This means that the inmate can reach the home phone, work phone, or the cell phone, some other relatives or friend and so on.

This facility from Securus Technologies allows the calls to get connected even to cell phones. Next, there is 24/7/365 access to this account for the family. It can be accessed on the website or through the phone.

Securus Technologies is offering a wide range of funding methods to make it convenient to the families.

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