In the world of business, professionals often say that experience is one of the significant determiners when it comes to achieving success. Gregory James Aziz is among the few successful individuals in the industry that concurs with the professional’s sayings. Today, Gregory is a respected personality due to his significant role at National Steel Car.


Gregory serves as the company’s CEO, President, and the Chairman of the board, positions that greatly suit his portfolio. National Steel Car is a well-established company that has an excellent reputation in the railroad car and engineering industry. Although leading such a prominent company appears as a challenge to many, Gregory views the new role as a duty that he was more than willing to handle.


National Steel Car boasts of being in the game for more than enough time. The company was launched in 1912 hence being in the market for more than 100 years. The company is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario. However, the company’s impact is felt across the borders. National Steel Car brings on board the hands of talented individuals to work on behalf of the company hence emerging a successful company that we know of today.


As the company’s CEO, Gregory has played a significant role in affecting National Steel Car’s growth and development, a task that he enjoys doing. The successful CEO was the man behind the expansion of the company from a Canadian based company into a leading company in North America. National Steel Car operates as a subsidiary of National Industries Inc. During Gregory’s tenure, National Steel Car Company has been experiencing tremendous growth due to Aziz’s ability to implement fresh ideas supposed to bring change in the company.


Gregory Aziz boasts of being in the business industry for more than enough time, an undertaking that has significantly boosted his leadership skills and problem-solving abilities hence shaping him into the successful CEO that we know of today. Gregory schooled at Ridley College before joining the Western Ontario University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in economics. Later, Aziz began his career journey by joining his family’s wholesale food business. At such a young age, Aziz’s effort was greatly felt as he drove the business to succeed in Europe, South and Central America, and Eastern Canada, a greater milestone in his career. Get More info on This Page.


Gregory was born and raised in London, Ontario hence understood his home market, a character that significantly boosts his leadership abilities. With Gregory on board, National Steel Car has been growing consistently. Previously, the company sold about 3500 cars annually, but today it makes sales of not less than 12000 every year. The number of employees has also increased to more than 3000 due to the rate of expansion taking place.

Besides, Gregory is committed to giving back to the Hamilton community. Through the company, Gregory Aziz sponsors the Theatre Aquarius, the United Way, and the Hamilton Opera among many other charities based in Hamilton. Also, together with his wife Irene, Greg supports the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, a prominent agricultural fair.


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