They say that if you can’t beat them to join the team, and Amazon has many people in the business world questioning their loyalty. But, cooler heads with sharper minds know that there are still a few dogs in the fight when it comes to cutting a market outside the grip of this behemoth. Really, it’s not about who is better at what or the different changes on the horizon due to market trends. Knowing how and where to invest, as to not be trampled under hoof, is all about knowing a few tricks of the trade and helpful tools. And even though there are several ways and business names in the arena of commerce that hold this truth, three names in particular deserve attention.

One of the basic building blocks of business and commerce is the phenomenon of mergers and acquisitions. It is how good companies make themselves great with help from the inertia built on top of previous service and products rendered. Three good names to look for in the fight against Amazon’s quest for total world domination are Ebay, Kroger and W.W. Grainger. Follow Jeff Yastine at

The details of how these particular companies compete within the market place and do well for themselves is not exactly important unless you happen to invest on a professional level. However, there are a few cornerstones to these empires that make them not only worth looking into but holding onto as well. The first of these is the basic business model and potential for growth that each one of these organizations has. They are basically one-stop shopping hubs in one way or the other, without the technical flare that Amazon offers. And, that is what makes them worth joining. But, that is only one side of the coin. The flip side is that these business require little looking after and are long standing staples of the United States Economy. Thus, they should always be looked at for a place for investors to put their monies.

This knowledge and advice is exactly the kind of gem that Jeff Yastine bestows on others in the hopes that his experience can benefit them. This experience is not just in the world of business but as a reporter as well. But, it is not just his positions and professional titles that make him worth a listen. His work and services rendered have heralded such market trends as the dot-com burst following its boom. His work is so good that he even has an Emmy nomination for it.



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