A truly open society has tolerance for all kinds of beliefs, cultures and languages.

The need for an open society stems from our process of democracy and how it’s perfected. There are a number of causes to fight for today, and each one resembles just how far we truly are from an ideal world. The Open Society Foundations is an advocate for the world when reaching perfection.

Nevertheless, perfection isn’t enough for this humanitarian leader.

The agency began in the ‘80s and was founded in part by George Soros. Mr. Soros has since been a leading figure in world of philanthropy and a major supporter of the Open Society Foundations. His past life as a Hungarian refugee opened his eyes to the challenges of life that he never stopped improving.

The Distance George Soros Is Willing To Go

We hear of George Soros’ name in the news as he makes large strides in the world of philanthropy and with more money than 100 people will earn in their lifetimes. The $18 billion that Mr. Soros recently donated to the Open Society Foundations is a clear example of the work required to make a true impact.

The agency receiving this large donation works with transition.

The world is constantly moving in positive direction. The direction of democracy rests in the hands of people and those tolerant enough to keep an open mind. The open mind that George Soros developed is a result of what he learned as a refugee. What he learned were the challenges that are still embedded in society as it seeks to define itself.

How Fast He Outwitted Wall Street And The World Powers

Eighteen billion dollars is an amount that equated to roughly 80 percent of George Soros’s wealth. He was dropped lower on Forbes “Top Lists” and all because of one major decision he made for his life. The interesting aspect regards where George Soros found the money in the first place. Mr. Soros is a world renown Wall Street professional.

He made more money than most of us will use or can. He then decided to pursue life of philanthropy that’s being unmatched by anyone in his era. The work he completes in the humanitarian world is leaving a mark and is improving how society and governments operate. All of these advances are only possible because he chose to make his money first.

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