It’s now been four months since the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom. It was a momentous move that set social and economic tremors around the world. This decision made by the people of Britain will have effects on the whole of Europe as well as the United States.

Gold has emerged as the currency of choice for wise investors. The morning after the Brexit vote, gold spiked $100, then just as suddenly fell $40. The fear of this new reality has investors scared. In a global economy what happens in one part of the world impacts everyone. While Britain struggles to redefine its relationships with the members of the European Union they left behind, the pound and the euro, continue to fall. The value of gold, however, continues to rise.

Bloomberg reported that after the Brexit vote gold made its biggest surge since the global crisis of 2008. Indeed, gold is the one investment that continues to hold its value over time. In times of crisis gold has always held its value. Unlike stocks or bonds gold is an investment that can be counted on to remain sound.

It has always been true that investing in precious metals is the best security. Gold and silver will always hold its value, in fact, the price of gold has increased 25% since the beginning of the year. The more uncertain the economy becomes the smarter people will be buying up gold. Unlike paper currency there is a finite amount of gold. We cannot just print more gold. It is this scarcity that makes it such a good investment.

Over time the nations of the world will find their way through the reality brought on by the Brexit vote. It will either be good for everyone, good for only a few, or prove to be a disaster. But whichever way the economy goes, those with gold coins can rest assured that their financial future is secure. When you buy gold coins you know that not only is your future secure, but that of your children and grandchildren. We live in uncertain times, the decisions of governments around the world can affect our security. Precious metals, like gold and silver, will always hold their value and remain a safe investment.

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