Every generation, there needs to be a leader that changes the face of real estate for the better so that the buying, selling and leasing of homes could be made a bit easier for people. Another area in the real estate industry is investing. Real Estate investing is something that is very hard to get into for people who are making only a little bit of money. However, William Skelley has found a way to open it up to those people who are not as financially well off as the typical real estate investor. This is what earned him the reputation as the next generation real estate leader.

William Skelley has founded iFunding, which is a crowdfunding platform that deals with real estate investing. This has given William Skelley an invitation to the event in which he was named as the next generation of real estate leaders. William Skelley has used his skills as an investment banker in order to bring forth a new platform that is easier for people to get into in the event that they want to get involved in real estate investing. Now, it is not necessary for people to have tons of money saved up in order to be able to invest in real estate.

William Skelley has founded iFunding with the help of the crowdfunding concept, as CNBC reports. Before even starting an investment company, he has started an investment bank that handled billions of dollars in transactions related to real estate. He has gained millions in finances as a result of his activities. He has also worked as a principal of a hedge fund called Rose Park Advisors which specialized in what is known as “disruptive innovation. He has also worked as an adviser to new businesses being started up so that he could help people profit from their efforts. He has received education from Hobart College and Harvard Business School.

iFunding is one company that is geared towards opening up the world of real estate investing to people who may not have that much money to put towards the activity. This allows more people to give the activity a try in order to bring in some profits from the real estate market.