Purina PetCare is owned by the Nestle Corporation and is based in the United States out of St. Louis, Missouri. The company produces quality food and treats for both dogs and cats. This way, customers can shop with a brand they know and trust while taking care of your furry little friends. The company did not originally start out owned by Nestle. Nestle bought Purina in 2001 (for over $10 billion) and, since Purina has moved under the arms of Nestle on newscenter.purina.com, it has grown to become the second largest pet pet care company in the world. It has different product lines to offer pet owners a variety of options when taking care of their dog or cat. This way, no matter what sort of pet someone might have or what sort of dietary needs go along with the pet, Purina PetCare has exactly what they need.

For anyone interested in Purina PetCare brands, the company does feature nearly two dozen different brands, some of which the owners might not eve realize are owned by Purina. Of course there are the brands that feature the company name, such as Purina Cat Chow, Dog Chow, Purina Beyond, Pro Plan, One and Veterinary Diets. However, there are many others that fall under the ownership of Purina PetCare as well. This includes Beneful, ALPO, Beggin, Fancy Feast, Felix, Friskies, Just Right, Whisker Lickin’s, Tidy Cats, T Bonz and several other products. This way, whatever a pet owner might need or look for in a pet care product, they are going to find exactly what they need with the help of Purina.

Since Nestle’s purchase of Purina in 2001, the company has expanded to included these many different brands. The Beneful brand is one of the newest offerings by the company as it aims at offering higher-end foods to pet owners. Recent research has shown pet owners are more and more concerned with what material goes into the pet food. As people look more into what foods they themselves eat, it has crossed over into pet food as well. In order to offer pet owners with this higher end opportunity, Purina crafted the Beneful brand. The brand provides both wet and dry foods for both cats and dogs. Plus, Purina Veterinary Diets is another option for pets that have specific dietary conditions. Many dogs and cats do have allergies, the same as humans. These allergies often are connected with soy, wheat and other common ingredients in dog food. With the help of Purina, it is possible to find the right dog food for a pet that doesn’t cost nearly as much as what some of the more expensive brand out there charge. This way, pets and their owners are happy.