George Soros may not be a name most people recognize, but in the investment world and the world of economic and political leaders, George Soros is considered one-of-a-kind. Soros has been investing in world markets for years, and he’s become an investment rock-star because of his investment knowledge. The Soros story is movie-worthy.

Soros is a holocaust survivor and a migrant that found work waiting tables in London to pay his bills. He moved to the United States and began investing his hard earned money. Eventually, he made enough money to open a hedge fund. Today, the 85-year-old Soros is worth $27 billion and he made it all investing in assets other investors ignored for one reason or another.

For years, Mr. Soros has been setting up foundations that promote open societies and human rights. He has also spent a great deal of time talking to the press about economic issues. Soros has been interviewed numerous times by different news agencies, but his interview with recently opened the eyes of many people around the world.

The economic health of the world is on life-support, according to Soros. The economy in Europe is one step away from the contraction mode, and emerging markets like Brazil, Russia and South America are already suffering from deep recessions. China has become the sledge hammer that is going to come crashing down and crush the economies of other countries, including the United States in the months ahead. Stock markets around the world are already feeling the market swinging vibrations from China’s power to disrupt.

All of the financial air is gone from oil, and corporate earnings continue to deteriorate, but nothing but excuses are being made to justify the concerns investors have with the up and down behavior of stocks. Soros told all these issues are related, and at some point in the near future they will come together to create a 2008 type meltdown. This new recession will impact economies around the world, and it could take years for some countries to recover.

But even though Soros has all his facts and figures in order, some economists say he’s not being realistic. The U.S. economy seems to be strong, and the stock market continues to recoup its losses, plus the dollar is stronger than ever. Dollar strength points to a growing economy, according to some economists, but Soros thinks the dollar is strong because other currencies don’t attract investors like the dollar does.

There is always going to be experts that dispute Soros. But in the end, Soros is usually right. He didn’t become one of the riches investors in the world by ignoring obvious caution signs.