If Bernie Sanders should win the 2016 presidential election, America could be well on its way to becoming a socialist country? Socialism isn’t Marxism, which is an extreme that some people unknowingly believe, but America is founded on democracy, which is far being a socialist country.


A variety of countries function very well in a socialist government. Countries such as Denmark, Switzerland and Norway operate from a socialist perspective, using the cumulative efforts and structure that is the definition of socialism. They do not have an authoritarian government in control, which would be more like a dictatorship.


Bernie Sanders has an agenda that focuses on changing this country to a country of Democratic Socialism, which is a socialistic system under an authoritarian government. This is a recipe for disaster. America has some socialist concepts, but the design of the government remains embedded in democracy.


Venezuela is a terrible example of how socialism can go awry. The government sets the prices for the entire economy; they are not determined by supply and demand as in a democracy. Today, their inflation rate has increased 700 percent since the economic crisis of 2008.


Democratic Socialism does not refer to a dictatorship either. This would be a government such as Iran or China, and Sanders is not suggesting that the U.S. go into that form of government. But he emphatically supports Democratic Socialism. Bernie Sanders believes that as a socialist country, the wealth of the rich would be distributed, but neither the Democrats or the Republicans agree with this concepts.


Sanders wants to bring balance to the distribution of wealth in the U.S., and he sees the solutions in the socialistic views. America has many programs that are socialist in nature already, including Social Security, Veterans Administration, Medicare, the military and other nationwide programs. America does express a socialist perspective, but under a democratic government.


Ultimately, Sanders says that he does not favor socialism as a form of government, but he reserves the right to run the country one situation at a time, which could appear socialist. Polls show that his concepts greatly coincide with many of the American voters.