If the world was perfect, it would be possible to remove all the negative, bad, outdated, and unfair search results concerning us. However, the fact is that most of such content is there to stay unless in very special circumstances. Yes, it’s possible to remove some of it, but the best way of improving your online search results is to create your own positive content directed at suppressing the negatives results.

Some of the best approaches include:

1. Avoid Linking or Referencing to Them

This is actually a big mistake made by most affected people or companies in their attempts at cleaning up the damaging results. Avoid referring or linking to the damaging articles. By linking, you are in fact giving them more arsenal as search engines will also pick that up as relevant. Google and other search engines will keep highlighting your own self-fuelled information!

2. Manage Your Public Profiles

Some sites will consistently always appear very high in different search results. Through simply creating and developing a profile on them using your business name plus some bit of information that can identify you, it is possible to suppress the negative results. At least you will have managed to dislodge the negative comments from the search engine first pages.

Some of the recommended sites you can use:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Quora
  • MySpace
  • Yahoo
  • Pulse
  • Pinterest
  • Flickr

3. Clean Up or Change your Old Pages

It’s really unbelievable how lots of old pages are in fact the source material for all the negative feedback and publicity. All you need to do is to either remove them completely or clean them.

Hire Reputation Management Firms

Negative press reviews, and other types of damaging feedback or articles can leave a lasting negative impact on your business’ ability to sell services or products.There are some good reputation management firms out there like Bury Bad Articles that engage in burying bad reviews and articles. This firm promises to hide any negative information that the search engines may bring up concerning you or your business. Removing bad articles and reviews is basically what Bury Bad Articles specializes in.


Of course, there is little you can do to stop people from making bad comments, reviews or talking bad about you. However, what you can do is to always generate incredible value and content for your clients or readers. Remember, keep your private matters very private while at the same time assume that nothing is truly that private.