Have you ever heard of the wonderful and extraordinary investor known as Todd Lubar? Well he is a real estate investor from New Jersey. Recently, Lubar spoke in an interview about why he became the man he is today. He mentions how his biggest passion is helping people who require assistance and the will to help them to fulfill their goals and dreams. His approach when aiding people has been tested in the many ventures he has gotten involved in. Lubar’s mindset is to help people to overcome obstacles that will help to get their loan approved and jumpstart their business or venture.

Lubar’s legacy started with his education because that is the only way that a person can succeed in this world. Todd Lubar when to Syracuse University in 1995 for his Bachelors of Arts in Speech Communication. He was always interested to learn more in class and find ways to better himself. He would always ask questions whenever he did not understand something or was simply confused on a class topic. Lubar knew that by talking to his fellow colleagues, he can acquire more connections which would help him later in life. Right after college, with the help of his college connections, Lubar was able to obtain his first job with Crestar Mortgage Corporation from 1995-1999. Lubar was the top employee in his department where he would help other employees and be immediately recognized as an important worker for the company. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.

At this point in his rewarding career, Todd Lubar was well known and recommended for a higher position at another amazing company. Legacy Financing Group made helped him to build his employee status in his industry. For Legacy Financing Group, he spearheaded the campaign to generate $100 million dollars each year in loan volume as well as equity. He then accepted a job as the Senior Vice President in Charter Funding which he expanded from real estate to other areas. These areas include demolition and recycling business, where he would continue his path towards great success and show others that anything is possible once you put your mind to it.

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