You may be wondering what a United States business titan and a gossip columnist might have in common so as to warrant an article about the two differing men. Believe it or not, these two were once college roommates. That’s right, Lloyd Grove, formerly of the New York Daily News and now a columnist for the Daily Beast, was Tony Petrello were Freshman year roommates when they both were at Harvard. Grove remembers his roommate as a bit of a stand-out, where most of the students hailed from rather patrician backgrounds, Tony was a scholarship recipient from working-class New Jersey. Both men graduated from Harvard and from there their lives took very different paths.

Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991 and soon became one of the country’s most highly compensated business executives. Tony was also known as a math genius during his time at Harvard, a characteristic that surely helped him to successfully lead one of the world’s largest oil and gas drilling contractors. Nabors Industries appointed Mr. Petrello as their Chief Executive Officer in 2011, a goal that he has seeked since joining the firm in 1991 as its Chief Operating Officer.0

Mr. Petrello is one of the most successful business leaders in the United States and perhaps the world, and the company that he leads is one of the best regarded in its industry. From a very humble beginning to a captain of industry, Mr. Petrello is the embodiment of the American Dream. His success is a success for all.

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