Everyone knows that wine is an alcoholic beverage which has been extracting the exquisiteness from grapes since way back in 7000 BC China, but there is a lot more to the enjoyment which can often have a salesman playing the role of part educator and part fanatic. That duality is part of what makes the concept of being a wine guide for The Traveling Vineyard such an exciting and interesting role. From the beginning, a person is equipped with all of the tools and support that they need to make a success out of the venue.

The Success Kit is the primary component that one receives for signing up to be a part of the revolution. This kit includes everything necessary to hold the first two tasting events with two sets of 5 bottles each to help with the variety that the wine guide will be able to offer. Tasting glasses, a carrying box, a carrier, marketing material and all of the necessary paperwork are all included in the kit which is practically everything that is needed to get out there and start making some sales.

The Sommology Kit is also part of the package, and it is packed with such detailed information that there is no need to have any past experience with wine or any particular knowledge. Everything about taste, how to sample, what foods to pair it with and much more are all outlined for the wine guide to simply follow. You’ll be able to speak intelligently about the product being sold while not putting people off by being too fancy.

There is an online training center as well which will fill in any gaps, and then the idea is to hold some samples and get people interested in purchasing the wine from Traveling Vineyard that they may never have heard of before. It is a work from home business that is certainly no scam, and it has the ability to add a lot of extra dollars to the wallet of those who join on.

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