Understanding The Roles Played By Litigators Such As Karl HeideckLitigation is a tedious process. Professional litigators such as Karl Heideck play an instrumental role of helping parties to a given dispute to solve their problems amicably. Mostly, litigation is settled by agreement between the two aggrieved parties. However, they may go to court and have the case decided by a jury. Litigators/litigation attorneys are lawyers that represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases.

The litigation process starts by the plaintiff filing a complaint through a litigator. Once the defendant receives the lawsuit, he or she is expected to respond within a specific period. The next stage is pleading. Here, all the written legal documents such as petitions, motions, requests for hearings and declarations, are reviewed. The discovery process follows where the litigator gathers information from both parties to start the settlement process initiated by the court and attorney. If the litigation fails to have tangible outcomes, it is subjected to a trial. The last stage is appeal. In case of dissatisfaction by a party, a higher court may sought to review the case.

About Karl Heideck

Contact Karl Heideck on Spokeo. Karl Heideck is a prominent litigator in the Greater Philadelphia area. The experienced attorney specializes in compliance practices and risk management. In addition, Karl has been working as a Hire Counsel Contract attorney for Grant & Eisenhofer in Wilmington, since 2015. Karl Heideck has been focusing on compliance and risk management. Here, he is responsible for reviewing discovery materials for securities fraud and complex banking litigation.

Contact Karl Heideck on Spokeo.

Previously, he worked for Pepper Hamilton LLP as a project attorney. Here, Karl Heideck was a top level, detail oriented and quality control expert. For a year, he worked for Conrad O’Brien as an associate. Karl represented corporate clients and individuals in complex and commercial litigation. Karl Heideck is multi-skilled. He is experienced in legal writing, legal research, employment law, corporate law, arbitration, trials, appeals, mediation, intellectual properties as well as Westlaw and product liability.

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