The reputation management company, Status Labs, acquired a new high-profile client in 2016 after the University of Missouri professor Melissa Click collided with student journalists and student photographers, Mark Schierbecker and Tim Tai during a campus protest on November 9, 2015. As a result of her actions, Click was accused of violating the First Amendment rights of the student journalists by aggressively denying them access, to photograph, a segment of the event that was labeled an anti-media protest.

The confrontation escalated and became a national story when Click was captured on video audibly requesting the assistance of large men to physically remove the student journalists from the scene. Click is currently on administrative leave from her teaching position at the University of Missouri. In addition, misdemeanor criminal charges of third-degree assault have been filed against Click. If Click agrees to complete one year of community service, she can avoid jail time.

Click has been under a great deal of scrutiny in the court of “public opinion,” which resulted in her remaining silent up until recently. Click’s official statement claims remorse for her actions, and she has vowed to remain trouble-free for the rest of her career. In her apology statement, Click highlights her 12-year teaching history, which is 100 percent clean. She claims that her actions and words on the day of the protest, were an isolated incident that stemmed from stirred up emotions and bad decision making.

Missouri State Legislators are calling for the University of Missouri to fire Click. As Click fights for her job, freedom and reputation, she has hired professional experts to assist with re-branding and fixing her public image. Click has demonstrated sincerity in her apology, which is why Status Labs, under the leadership of President Darius M. Fisher, has accepted Click as a client. Status Labs has its own reputation of returning positive results for its clients. The company uses a multifaceted approach to promote an enhanced image for an individual or for a company. Status Labs uses complex software programs, social media strategies, publishing forums, marketing tools and network systems to structure optimal results for its clients.