I am a dog trainer and own a business that involves training misbehaving dogs for a living and breaking their habits. Outside of my line of work, I have four dogs at home whose company I thoroughly enjoy. I make sure to feed them dog foods that have the best blends of ingredients available. It is difficult to make one’s own dog food at home, so I stick with Beneful because of the great ingredients that their products are made with and it seems as if my dogs prefer this brand more than any other dog food.

I leave Beneful Originals in their dog bowls every day before and after I get to and home from work. It seems like my dogs prefer wet dog food, but I do not want to leave wet dog food out and risk any insects or flies getting in the food and possibly contaminating it. Whenever I get home, I usually add some of Beneful’s many brands of wet dog food to their bowls.

Two of my dogs prefer Chopped Blends on target.com, while the other likes the line of many different Prepared Meals. Regardless of the specific brand they prefer, I am able to provide my dogs with the best-tasting dog foods to them on a consistent basis.

Chopped Blends contain different blends of meat that have been sliced in small niblets, including chicken and beef. Chopped Blends tend to have more ingredients, which I believe is why most of my dogs prefer it. Charlie, one who prefers Prepared Meals, will eat Chopped Blends of Beneful on youtube, but prefers Prepared Meals. Two of his favorite Prepared Meals include the Roasted Chicken Recipe and the Savory Rice and Lamb Stew. I sometimes decide to heat these up to better appease my dog, which he truly enjoys. The resealable tubs that these Prepared Meals come in can be microwaved safely, a feature that I love as the owner.

I use Beneful’s Baked Delights at work quite often because dogs seem to gobble them down as quickly as possible. Baked Delights come in four different shapes, including Hugs and Stars, each having a unique flavor profile. My dogs at home love these dog treats as well. I have waivered from using Baked Delights at both work and home from time to time, but my dogs have always seemed happier when I make the switch back to Beneful’s Baked Delights, which I consistently keep around the home and work.