I am addicted to having beautiful hair. I don’t know what sparked this addiction but I have always loved the way beautiful hair looked. It’s almost as if I secretly wish I could always have the perfect hair I constantly see on television, on the news, on blogs and even in the media. It’s impressive that so many women seem to just wake up one day and have lovely hair and if I can help it I’m going to be that same woman one day. I think I can do it especially if I have the right combinations of products.
Recently, I have been splurging on hair products trying to find the perfect one for me and my hair care needs. I have tried pharmacy products, grocery store products and even products at local sephora supply stores and nothing seemed to be working. I couldn’t seem to figure out what combination of products worked best for me. Until I found an awesome article in Bustle.

A blogger at Bustle decided to give WEN By Chaz a chance by using it every day and filming it so we could all experience the changes with her and to our surprise he product did really well.

If you are unfamiliar with Wen By Chaz it is a dynamic product that Chaz Dean created to inspire beautiful hair for not only celebrities but all women. He sells his products on Guthy-Renker.

Visit http://www.wen.com/ for more information.

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