Adam Goldenberg has had a spectacular rise to the top of the entrepreneurial world. This is a young man who captured the imagination of the world by coming up with ideas that have transformed people’s outlook towards entrepreneurship. Adam was already an established entrepreneur at age 13. His early success has catapulted him into greater heights, and earned him a spot among America’s business gurus on He is credited with the establishment of multi-billion dollar businesses.

Adam Goldenberg’s penchant for innovation was noticed at a young age. When he received his Nar Mitzvah cash at thirteen years, he directed all of it towards the establishment of an online dispatch board service. This was at the advent of the Internet advancement and therefore, the startup was significantly successful. The service was converted into an online gaming platform known as Gamer’s Alliance two years later. Just like its predecessor, the website was a runaway success.

Gamer’s Alliance was acquired by Intermix in 1997. Intermix founder and president, Brett Brewer consequently appointed Adam into his firm’s board of directors. This appointment caught the public eye due to Adam’s relative newbie status on in the corporate world. However, he was able to expertly discharge his services, something that won him praise from far and wide. He also served as the Chief Operating Officer at Intermix. Working at the firm helped him develop his entrepreneurial skills.

Entrepreneurial Success

During his stint at Intermix, Goldenberg was among individuals who oversaw the firm’s takeover of It also gave him the opportunity to meet Don Ressler, a like-minded young entrepreneur with whom they struck an instant friendship. Being innovators, the two established Intelligent Beauty, a startup that is credited with the development of Dermstore. This online cosmetic and skincare products marketplace is regarded to be one of the most innovative platforms in the field of e-commerce. Adam and Ressler also started SENSA, a weight loss program.

After noticing the niche that existed in the world of fashion, Goldenberg came up with the idea of starting an online fashion retailer. After wide consultation, Goldenberg and Ressler launched JustFab in 2011. Basing on their impeccable entrepreneurship careers, it was easy to find funding. This played an important role in the firm’s tentative years because Goldenberg and Ressler were able to set a strong foundation. Within a year, JustFab had more than four million active subscribers. Adam oversees the company’s business development, and is credited for helping it acquire other businesses, in addition to opening new outlets.

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