Being an art collector is a very difficult task if you are buying art strictly for the money. A lot of collectors buy art strictly for the money and wind up losing a lot of it, as well as owning a bunch of pieces of art that they loathe. While it is easy to invest in artists that a lot of people are interested in today, it is a much more difficult to purchase a piece of art that virtually no one else believes in that you are convinced will be the next Mona Lisa. For artwork like this, the ability for those pieces to be worth 10, 20 or even 100 times what you purchased for them is a reality for certain art collectors just based on the fact that they are willing to take chances on artists that other collectors aren’t willing to take.

One notable art collector that seemingly has the magical ability to choose breathtaking and groundbreaking artwork is Adam Sender. Adam has always exhibited a knack for choosing artwork that exhibits a very personal message to him. It is almost as if he purchased the artwork and never had a chance to sell it, he would still be extremely proud of that art and all that it represents.

A lot of times, a collector will attempt to drum up a buzz around a particular artist or set of artists. What they will do is they will buy art that they believe in. And then, years later, take that art to be auctioned off at a art-house, like Sotheby’s because he wants other influential people to see the beauty of the timeless art that is being sold. They are also leveraging their personal name and reputation as an art investor, which can also demand a high amount. Having such powerful names as Adam Sender behind art can give a collector a different impression on an artist that they made have never heard of before. This artist may become the next big thing in that investor’s mind just because it is endorsed by someone that he trusts.

At the end of the day, the entire art world is made up of humans. When humans hear a story about someone they care about, who has touched their soul for 20 years and how they are in love with a particular artist or art style, it could cause that investor to purchase art that he may have not purchased before.

This is one of the reasons that artists should never follow trends. While, it is true that you will never be a poor if you follow trends, it can also lead you to obscurity and never creating anything that is truly groundbreaking. Whether it is trendy or not trendy, the number one rule that you must follow is listen to your heart, because your heart is never wrong.