When it comes to the Real Estate market, no one knows it better than Greg Hague. He has dedicated his life to helping fellow realtors get an edge on the market. He had a legal degree and many other things that he could have fallen back on, but instead he choose to pursue his passion and put all his money on the market.

This Scottsdale, Arizona native could have had a simple life with his children and his wife by his side. However, he was sitting there with a successful real estate company and wondering why there wasn’t more. Anyone who knows anything about the market knows that it is a feast or famine kind of career. There are months when 2-3 houses sell and the commissions are rolling in. Unfortunately, there can also be months at a time where there are no sales and no hope. It was these times that made Hague want to forever change the way the realtors did things. He set out to create a site that united both sellers and buyers and created a virtual world where the two could interact. The 990 Company has been around for quite some time and it is very much a success.

Recently, he decided that the wealth of knowledge that he has should be shared with others to help them become a success in the market. Hague knows that the real estate market is one of the toughest out there. In fact, it has just as many ups and downs as the stock markets. What he wanted to do is show these fellow realtors how to stop the feast or famine mentality and ensure that they had ample closings each month. His new program is called Real Estate Mavericks and it is already a smashing success.

According to an article posted about him on CBS, he is one of the fastest moving real estate agents in the country. People say that just by attending one of his courses they are encouraged and have the ability to overcome their problem areas and be successful. One tip from his program encourages realtors to market the program long before they ever put the sign in the front yard. Offer the home to a select group as insider information. He suggests that by creating a stir about the home, it is likely to drive the price up and get it sold quicker. Utilizing this method, he has been able to sell many homes without putting a sign-up or doing any of the difficult work. Ever heard a realtor say that this home just came on the market there’s no pamphlets or anything yet? That’s probably what they are trying to do. They are pre-marketing the home.

Hague has two various classes that he teaches that offer people from all walks of life a way to move into the 21st century of real estate. The results have been phenomenal and people are saying his tips and plan works and they are making more money than they could have dreamed.

Check Greg Hague’s coaching program, Real Estate Mavericks