Guilherme Paulus is a real genius with an immense personal investment portfolio. He is majorly known for his prowess in the hospitality and tourism industries. In 2005, Mr. Paulus launched GJP Hotels & Resorts, where he has been serving as the president alongside other influential positions in other organizations. Besides, Guilherme has been the chairman of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A since 1972. What is most amazing is the fact that the company has registered remarkable growth under his helm. Check this article at to learn more.

When he was called to give a motivational speech in a professionals’ forum, Guilherme Paulus indicated that he ever desired to be a doctor. Unfortunately, his parents were underprivileged financially, and they could not afford to enroll him. Instead, he joined IBM for a business internship, where he had to work in several departments. He later moved to Casa Faro where he worked until his meet-up with a federal deputy who admired his talents and abilities. This federal deputy also appreciated how Guilherme Paulus handled various things, and this led to a partnership between them. Although it didn’t look greatly lucrative, he settled for the deal and later launched CVC.

Guilherme Paulus’ entrepreneurial journey has not been without challenges. In 1979, the government set up an obligatory levy on companies. They were to hold back deposits for a whole year, something that affected CVC in a big way. While in their almost dying state, a Mercedes Benz executive transacted with them, giving them a major boost. They then grew tremendously and conceived the model that inspired diversification. They now own airlines, hotels, chartering ships, among other major businesses.

As at now, the company is at an incredibly high rank. Guilherme Paulus has not been left behind. Brazil recognizes him as a man who has impacted the country. This is especially because of his efforts in the tourism sector. This big brain has been growing with the investments radically. In fact, he is on the list of Forbes billionaires. These achievements can only be attributed to his insistent efforts. He believes in his mantra that “whatever you can idealize, you can accomplish.” With such a mindset, who can even dampen the spirits of such a visionary man?

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