Wikipedia, an online repository of articles, has little coverage about indigenous people. Most Native Americans, whose literary and artistic works play a role in modern art and literature, are not on Wikipedia. Furthermore, when you conduct research using search engines such as Google and Bing, the first page results usually cover content from Wikipedia. Try to carry out a Google search on an artist such as Esther Belin, and you will find little coverage about her work.

Wikipedia invites writers to attend its yearly Wikiconference North America. During the conference, attendees will take part in an editing competition meant to increase the coverage of Wikipedia articles on indigenous people. The participants will name indigenous people including Native Americans whose work and life history details are missing on Wikipedia. This initiative seeks to encourage writers from different parts of the world to recognize indigenous people when they are publishing articles on Wikipedia.

Coverage of Marginalized Groups

The Indian Country Today Media network‘s staff mentioned that Wikipedia writers who will attend the Wikiconference would publish more articles on movements, historical figures, and ethnic groups. According to the results of a survey conducted on Wikipedia experts in 2011, a small percentage (8.5 percent) of the writers are women. These results caught feminist Wikipedia editors’ attention. After the results had surfaced online, the feminists organized editing competitions for women. According to Oxford University researchers, most local Wikipedia writers do not contribute to articles about their countries and cultures. These researchers carried out the study in 2015 and found out that writers from developed countries publish more articles as compared to those from undeveloped countries.

Benefits of Personal or Business Wikipedia Page Creation

Having a business or personal page on Wikipedia has several benefits. However, you should hire good Wikipedia writers to create and edit a Wiki page on your behalf. You should also consider the media coverage from social media mentions and independent sources such as blogs. This is because all articles published on Wikipedia must have references. Hiring experienced writers such as Get Your Wiki will ensure that your Wikipedia page consists of information from credible sources.

Wikipedia is an incredible platform to enhance your online marketing strategy. After Get Your Wiki’s writers make a Wikipedia page for your product or personal portfolio, your online visibility increases. The editors also protect your page from any spiteful edits. They guarantee that your page will be approved by Wikipedia and will be highly ranked.

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