At the age of 13, Yeonmi Park was not living the life of a typical teenager. Instead, she lived in fear as the atmosphere of the country she grew up in, North Korea, was and remains, a place dominated by fear and torture. Even at the age of 21, she has seen twice as much as the average, normal 21-year-old. Yeonmi’s story is one that must be told, and even though she managed to escape the torture of her dictator-led country, she remains the voice for many who aren’t so fortunate. In Yeonmi’s new book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, she does her best to describe the deterioration of life that no one deserves to live. From being sexually assaulted at the age of 13, to witnessing the parent of a friend executed, she is now shining the light on some of the dark secrets of North Korea. Now that Yeonmi has settled in the United States, the words spoken through her book about her native country, have opened the eyes to many. The details of Yeonmi along with her mother’s narrow escape to China is no less than heroic. Now she is experiencing a life that she never knew existed. In an interview with, Yeonmi stated that she had “never heard of the word, freedom” before coming to this country. Well, now she is living it. Although some have made allegations that Yeonmi’s story on is fabricated, at least partially, Yeonmi insists that there may have been some things changed for legal reasons, but the basis of her story stands true. Most importantly, Yeoni’s story serves a purpose for those that are left behind. Hopefully this book by someone who experienced this suffering, first hand, will lead to something being done about this terrible, oppressive country.